The AdboxSense analyses the customer’s faces to identify their gender, age and mood at points of sale, mannequins, totens and digital signage displays

Our technology is a piece of art and recognizes facial micro-expressions, generating both quantitative and qualitative insights

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Customers are analysed with total privacy, while quantitative and qualitative insights are generated

AdBoxSense, mood recognition


Happy, Sad, Angry and Surprised

AdBoxSense, gender classification


Male or Female

AdBoxSense, dwell time



AdBoxSense, age detection


0-14, 15-20, 21-34, 35-59, 60+

Facial micro-expressions revealed

Real time, unlimited simultaneous face analysis and high accurated

Built-in Features

Mood Valence

The four available mood states are translated to a positive or negative valence


A roughly distance estimation between face to camera is provided

Unique ID

Faces are shorthly remembered to keep each micro-expression analysis unique


Advanced statistical models are used to eliminate false-positives and improve accuracy

Camera Support

Webcams, USB, IP, GigaE and Embedded cameras are fully supported

Operating Systems

Windows, GNU/Linux, Android and iOS are compatible

SenseBoard, logo

A cloud-based, mobile and desktop compatible dashboard to manage and visualize data

SenseBoard, screenshot

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