Brazilian retail software uses facial recognition to generate data on customers

Our abilities to collect customer insight in offline stores still lags behind all that e-commerce can offer, but a Brazilian start-up is garnering support for its facial-recognition product to identify demographics.


Brazilian digital startup GeekSys has developed facial recognition software that it says enables retailers to create qualitative and quantitative insights on their customers.

According to the GeekSys team the software, named AdBoxSense, can recognize gender, age, ethnicity as well as gauge mood through facial expressions at point of sale. 

CEO Luiz Vitor Martinez says he started the project with the aim of enabling retailers to better understand their audience.  

AdBoxSense is supported by USB, webcam or fully embedded cameras. A cloud-based, mobile or desktop compatible dashboard is used to manage and then visualize data.

Martinez affirms that privacy invasion is not an issue as the software doesn’t store video footage on clients - merely collects data that is not tied to images of people.

AdBoxSense is not only valid for retailers - Martinez cites other possible uses, such as airport check-ins. However, according to Martinez, the GeekSys team has faced great difficulties in convincing the market of the potential of AdBoxSense.

He says that, in general, the retailer does not know what to do with such information: "The culture of retail (in Brazil) is still not very analytical." 


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Author: Sam Cowie

Posted on 03/11/2014

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