Exclusive interview: ISTOÉ Independente!

It is our great pleasure to present to our friends, customers, suppliers and investors an exclusive interview granted to ISTOÉ Independente.


"To understand consumers, two young Brazilians created a digital system that recognizes gender, age and interprets the reactions of those who look at shop windows or buy goods on supermarkets. Check out how it works"


We register our thanks to the publicist Thiago Ermano (TPress Comunicação Integrada) for inviting and supporting us, to the journalist and interviewer Lucas Bessel (ISTOÉ Independente) for his professionalism and hospitality, to all the recording and video editing team and to the volunteers (Izadora, Mariana, Larrisa, Alan and Rodrigo) who have accepted to be analyzed and have their ages revealed. 

Of course, we thank Bruno Martins and Gustavo Maia who make the GeekSys's team special and to all the people who have been contributing to our growth and daily quest for excellence in everything we do.

Excerpt from the interview with Vitor Luiz (CEO) and Luccas Menezes (CTO), respectively responsible for business development and technology in the AdBoxSense project, at ISTOÉ Independente’s office.

The journalist and interviewer Luccas Bessel, at ISTOÉ Independente’s recording studio. 

During the interview we received a proposal to do a real test to demonstrate the quality of AdBoxSense results. The first volunteer was Izadora, who has had her age estimated with only one year error and gender correctly classified.

Mariana has also contributed to the test, with similar results.

Next, the journalist Larrisa had her gender and age successfully estimated without errors. Note that glasses do not impact on the quality of the results.

The journalist Alan has also helped and contributed with his nice smile to the test. Besides having his age estimated with a three-year error and his gender properly classified, it was another opportunity to verify the operation of the solution AdBoxSence on individuals wearing glasses.

Finally, the journalist Rodrigo participated in the test and has had his gender properly classified and his age estimated with a six-year error. Although six years is still an acceptable error, it is noteworthy that the information [acho que se colocar “results” fica melhor o sentido da frase] provided in this test are partial.

In practice, information like gender, age, mood and attractiveness are extracted from detected faces and  then submitted to a statistical process to refine the results (not applied to the tests performed at ISTOÉ Independente).

Oficial interview video link

Posted on 02/03/2013

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