Heatmaper: heatmaps on-demand and insightful heatmaps

Heatmaper is a cloud service which analyses steady-camera recorded videos to reveal valuable insights that help marketing and trade marketing areas to optimize store’s layout, improve product positioning and execute promotional campaigns in the "hottest" zones.

Analysis of customer traffic inside physical stores is one of GeekSys’ big bets. It allows retailers, independent consultants and the well stablished retail consultancies to have access to a tool which offers a new and accurate view of customer behavior. 

In addition to providing never seen before insights to retail stores, GeekSys’ newest analysis tool was completely developed in Brazil and arises with the ambition of conquering the world.

What are the Heatmaper’s advantages?

From product conception to choosing the best business model, all was engineered to facilitate the access to new insights and simultaneously allow our clients to keep focused on what’s most important: transforming insights into effective actions that improve the purchasing experience and increase the store’s revenue.




Zero aquisition cost 

There is no need for any new infrastructure, server installation or software integration

On demand

No contract is required, the heatmaps can be generated as and when needed

Non-invasive analytics

Consumer’s faces and bodies are removed from scenes to guarantee privacy

Accessible from any device

Vizualise the heatmaps from desktops, tablets and smartphones

Insights from specialists

Ask our marketing and retail specialists comunity for more insights

Activity index

An indicator of how hot or cold is the consumer’s activity


Videos are processed at Geeksys’ servers and heatmaps are generated extremely fast


Select a region of interest in the scene to refine the heatmap’s analysis


A compact view of recordings, containing only the best and most important moments

One-click sharing

Share heatmaps with your team easily


In order to use the Heatmaper service and generate heatmaps full of insights, simply follow these five steps:




Please watch below a short video explaining how to send your videos and vizualise the heatmaps:


How are generated the heatmaps?

The heatmaps are the result of sophisticated analysis, made by GeekSys’ own algorithms, which detect and classify the individual’s motion inside the store.




All individuals in motion on the video...            ...are removed to guarantee privacy…             ...and awesome heatmaps are generated!


All individuals analysed have 100% guaranteed privacy because their bodies and faces are bluried or completely removed from the scenes. In addition, the videos sent to GeekSys’ servers are stored only during heatmap generation and deleted afterwards. 

No image or video that allows further identification of individuals is stored.


How much investment is needed?  

Heatmaper is commercialized through an exclusive credits purchase system, similar to prepaid cellphones. The prepaid credits’ model was strucutured to give greater flexibility to our clients and also ease de expansion of Heatmaper service outside of Brazil. 

Currently, there are 4 credit aquisition plans available, while one of them is exclusively destined to experimentation and the others are destined for commercial aplications, check them out:


The free trial is available for testing the service. It doesn’t generate costs and can not be utilized for commercial aplications. All the other plans ("$ 250""$ 500" e "$ 1000") aim commercial usage and allow the processing of an unlimited amount of videos, adding up to the respective credit lenghts of 50, 500 or 5000 hours.

The amount of videos that may be uploaded is unlimited for all the plans. For example, in a 50 hours plan, it would be possible to upload ten 5-hours videos or a hundred 30-minute videos or even smaller videos of various lenghts up to the 600-minute limit.

The term "retention" refers to the period during which the heatmaps are kept stored in GeekSys’ cloud servers. By saying the retention period is of 3 months, it means the heatmaps will be available for vizualization for 90 days from the moment the video was sent. In the free trial and the entrance plan (R$250 for 50horas) the retention is of 3 months, while the other plans have 6-month or 1-year retention.


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Posted on 02/18/2014

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