Heatmaper: identifying areas with lowest sales potential

Heatmaper is a cloud service which analyses steady-camera recorded videos to reveal valuable insights that help marketing and trade marketing areas to optimize store’s layout, improve product positioning and execute promotional campaigns in the “hotter” zones.

Analysis of customer traffic inside physical stores is one of Geeksys’ big bets. It allows retailers, independent consultants and the well stablished retail consultancies to have access to a tool which offers a new and accurate view of customer behavior.

Some of the most valuable and interesting insights the Heatmaper can offer is the identification of areas of more or less traffic inside the store. Check out the following example to get to know how to use this insight in favour of the business.



In the heatmap above, it is noticeable the aisle on the right (highlighted in green) haven’t had customer activity. This insight is valuable because it allows to identify a possible cause for bad product performance and also deduce that the aisle is not the most appropriate place for a promotional action.

"The greater the customer traffic in a specific area of the store, the more exposed will the products be and the more attractive will the area be for conducting promocional activities".

In this case, if the store aims to increase sales of products displayed in the aisle with low identified traffic (restrictive factor), a possible action could use a Guerrilla marketing strategy to appeal customers, generating more product exposure and instigating the customer’s memory or his impulse.

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Posted on 03/08/2014

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