Heatmaper: new looking, new features and much faster heatmaping!



The new dashboard design is now following the GeekSys' branding style.


Fully compatible with any mobile, including Android® and iOS® devices.


Heatmaper algorithms are now 25x faster, 47% more accurate and invariant to shadows and sudden light changes.


Select video periods and generate the heatmap with just 3 clicks or finger touches. (achei finger touch meio estranho! as pessoas falam assim?)

Regions of Interest

"Zoom in" and "Zoom out" on user defined scene regions to reveal details and improve the customer behaviour understanding.


Sync the uploaded video time to the real datetime for correlations between scene and in-store events.

Heatmap download

Download the heatmap image to any device with a single click or finger touch.

Video uploads

Simultaneous and drag-and-drop video uploads are now fully available.

Activity index

Easily understand how intense is the in-store customer's activity over time.


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Posted on 04/09/2014

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