Heatmaper: seeing new opportunities through spots of interest

Heatmaper is a cloud service which analyses camera recorded videos to reveal valuable insights that help marketing and trade marketing to optimize store layout, place products better and hold promotional campaigns in the "hotter" zones.

Consumer’s motion analysis in stores is one of Geeksys' big bets. It allows retailers, consultants and the well established retailing consultancies to have access to a new tool which offers visual and precise insights, without the need to install any additional equipment and in a matter of minutes.

In this article, we present a new feature for revealing the heatmaps’ visual insights with greater detail level and contextualization. In order to do so, we present an analogy.

If you have had an eye exam done or witnessed one, you probably remember the attempt of reading letters of different sizes, printed or projected on a wall, out loud. Also recall that during the exam, the eye doctor performs a number of adjustments to the lenses of the equipment, until the patient's seeing disability is minimized or completely corrected.

The Spots of interest, an exclusive Heatmaper feature, enables you to look at store areas much more clearly, just like someone who wears glasses to correct a visual impairment.


Without further ado, let’s take a closer a look at an example:

Heatmap 1: Heatmap without selected Interest Regions

*high activity index on behalf of store staff; *moderate activity index on the customer’s side

Heatmap 2: Heatmap with a selected Interest Region

*emphasis to waiting customers, through Spot of Interest / Interest Spot


The Heatmap 1, intense motion is noticeable inside the counter and moderate in the cashier line. But wouldn’t it be possible to qualify and understand consumer’s behaviour in the line better? On the Heatmap 2, there’s a selected spot of interest in the area where customers typically wait in line to pay for their purchase. In this region it’s possible to notice greater detailing on the heatmap and also extract insights such as, if you observe the red areas, the customers are waiting next to the operating cashier.


Though this is a simple example, it illustrates how it is possible to observe consumer behavior in multiple levels of detail.

But in practice, which additional insights can be extracted from interest regions? Check out some gestions / bullet points (?) on the table below:

In short, how are the Spots of interest different?


GLOBAL  Heatmap

(without interest regions)

LOCAL Heatmap

(with interest regions)


Wider way to visualize the customer’s motion in the store, focusing on identifying behavior trends.

More detailed way to look at customer’s behavior in the store, focusing on identifying specific behaviors.

Que insights posso extrair?

- “dead” regions, which customers aren’t visiting;

- regions with greater potential for promotional campaigns;

- behavior patterns and customer motion inside the store. 

- purchase intention visualization;

- behavior patterns and customer interaction with the shelf or with products directly.


Find below some examples that illustrate this amazing tool!



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Posted on 05/02/2014

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