AdBoxSense in Globo’s newscast “Jornal Nacional”

Check out José Roberto Burnier’s report aired on “Jornal Nacional” newscast, in which AdBoxSense project is mentioned as a solution for analysing consumer’s reactions.

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Posted on 01/08/2013

Technological solution analyses consumers at point of sale through facial analysis

The solution was created with the support of Mauá’s Institute of Technology and will be launched to public in “Eureka 2012” fair.

GeekSys is a Brazilian enterprise which offers high technology, innovative solutions aimed at research and market analysis to maximize advertising and marketing results, through the readout of consumer’s characteristics and reactions at the point of sale and promotion, without human interference.

“Why does my store sells less than next door’s?”. This question from a shopkeeper in Campos do Jordão (São Paulo’s country) bothered the electronic engineering student Luiz Martinez, who noticed the need to create efficient technological mechanisms, capable of helping businessman identify patterns, desires, perceptions and interests of Brazilian consumers.

It didn’t take long before the idea became practice. With the hard work of the engineering students Luiz Martinez, Gustavo Maia, Luccas Menezes, Bruno Martins e Thiago Romão and the academic support of Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (IMT), the complex solution AdBoxSense was created.

The launch and public demonstration will take place at “Eureka 2012”, a fair held by the IMT in which the students from robotics, electronics, food, infrastructure, information technology, marketing and business, display their graduation projects. The event will take place between October 20th and 22nd, at IMT’s São Caetano do Sul campus.

Efficient analysis for planning

Through facial characteristics analysis, the solution can segment consumers by age, gender and mood, besides measuring for how long the displayed products were observed by the potential consumers.

“In order to test AdBoxSense’s efficiency, we interviewed 125 students from IMT, recorded in video. We asked them information that could be quickly analysed, besides their age and gender. After processing we verified an accuracy of 90% in the detection and classification of gender. On age, our technology presented a error margin of only one year”, ensures Martinez.

The technological solution AdBoxSense is already being tested in three points of sale and promotion in São Paulo state. More than 8,700 consumers were analysed, spontaneously and without human interference. Results show the solution as a strong ally for companies which intend to analyse their customers profile at the most crucial moment: that of decision or intention of purchase.

The art historian and independent curator Douglas Negrisolli used the AdBoxSense technology to get to know the profile of the visitors on the cultural events he organizes better. “The service was clear and objective, giving me the means to get advertising and marketing campaigns right, better directed to the art exhibitions. The system worked throughout the whole event, with no need for maintenance”, he said.

About the Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia

The Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia promotes technical and scientific education, aiming to graduate highly qualified human resources. Founded in 1961, the IMT has a campus in São Caetano do Sul and another in São Paulo and keeps two units: Centro Universitário (University center) and Centro de Pesquisas (Research center), which develops technology to meet Industry's needs.



From October 20th to 22nd, between 2pm and 8:30pm
Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia’s University Center - São Caetano do Sul Campus
Address: Praça Mauá 1 – São Caetano do Sul – SP

Instituto de Tecnologia Mauá
RMA Comunicação
Milly Furquim and Nídia Bontempo
11 2244.5992 / 2244.5922

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Posted on 01/08/2013

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