Heatmaper is a cloud service which analyzes the recorded videos from existing cameras to reveal customer behavior insights

A heatmap is an easy way to understand how customers behave by visually representing their movements while shopping

Optimize Store Experience

  • Pinpoint hotspots
  • Optimize store flow
  • Discover dead zones
  • Best place products & campaigns

Perfectly Suited for…

  • Owners & store managers
  • Consultants & consultancies
  • Marketers & trade marketers

Privacy guaranteed. On-demand and insightful heatmaps for retail stores.


Are afraid about their customer's privacy...

Avoid technologies that requires hardware investments...

Have dozen of cameras that don't reveal any business insight...

Want to understand what is going on and take action as fast as possible...


...all heatmaps are privacy proof, it's impossible to recognize any customer

...no additional infrastructure, servers or software integrations are required

...aggregates business value to any camera, VMS or CFTV system

...visualize heatmaps from: desktops, tablets or smartphones

Video, privacy and heatmaps

How are the videos analyzed?

  • All moving objects in the steady-camera video...
  • ...are removed or blurred for their privacy...
  • ...and colorful heatmaps are generated!

Colder colors represent lower customer activity

Hotter colors represent higher customer activity

Insightful heatmaps

Creative ways to generate business action from Heatmaper's insights

  • Best place products
  • Discover in-store dead spots
  • Test new A/B test ideas
  • Product-to-product competitive analysis
  • Promote marketing campaigns on the hottest spots
  • Pinpoint hotspots
  • Conduct A/B tests
  • Challenge 'best practices' in design
  • Understand the average customer flow
  • Reveal customer-to-product interaction behaviors
  • Detect customer flow sazonalities
  • Compare customer activity to sales
  • Support the store space negotiations with facts
  • Measure how 'hot' or 'cold' has been a campaign
  • Plan next store layouts based on previous knowledge

Translate the Heatmaper dashboard to English, Portuguese or Spanish

Upload videos

Select or drag-and-drop video files to upload and start heatmapping

Visualize heatmaps

Select the video, determine the visualization period and update to visualize the heatmap

Spots of interest

Draw the spot of interest over the scene and update the heatmap to reaveal more heatmap details

Download heatmaps

Single click to download the current heatmap to your device


All plans come standard with blazingly fast heatmapping

  • $100 / month

  • Heatmapping 50 hours

  • Videos up to 100

  • Storage 3 months

  • Support e-mail

  • Consulting no

  • $500 / month

  • Heatmapping500 hours

  • Videos up to 500

  • Storage 6 months

  • Support e-mail or Skype®

  • Consulting no

  • $1000 / month

  • Heatmapping5000 hours

  • Videos unlimited

  • Storage 1 year

  • Support e-mail or Skype®

  • Consulting yes

Heatmaper everything!

The beautiful way to understand the customer's movements


Billing & Payment


Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently only accept PayPal with all the major credit cards.

How do I cancel my subscription or account?

Just email us and we'll handle your account deactivation or subscription cancelling.

Am I charged when I enter a credit card?

Yes, when you subscribe to a plan we charge you for the amount of the subscription plan. The next charges will be within 30 days from the subscritpion and so on.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You'll still be able to view your heatmaps until the end of the storage period of the last subscription you were enrolled in.

If I change the subscription during a billing cycle how much will I be charged on the next month?

You'll be charged the prorated amount of each plan.

What happens if I deactivate my account?

You'll not be able to login on the Senseboard panel anymore and all your uploaded data will be removed. If you want your account reactivated, contact us and we'll reactivate your account without the previous video data.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us.

If I change the subscription during a billing cycle how much will I be charged on the next month?

You'll be charged the prorated amount of each plan.

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