The PriceCheck analytics provides intelligence to the price check terminals, revealing the consumer’s purchase intention and quantifying sales losts at bookstores

Our core technology is unique and generates insights to improve promotional strategies, refine the category management and ensure the best price check query experience

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What is the real customer purchase intention?

Customers gain in the shopping experience, while the business gains insights based on purchase intention to increase sales

How does it work?

All plans come standard with blazingly fast heatmap processing

PriceCheck, price checkers availability

Terminals availability

PriceCheck, price check found queries

Found queries

PriceCheck, not found queries

Not found queries

PriceCheck, existing price checkers

Purchase Intention

PriceCheck, conversions


PriceCheck, price check queries

Sales performance


From price checker unavailability detection to market intelligence insights based on the customer purchase intention

How does it work?

Price check query events are collected from price checkers, correlations with POS data are stablished and insightful reports are generated

Market intelligence

Keeping track of queries, conversions and purchase intention of customers in the bookstore chain, impacting marketing strategies and negotiations with suppliers

Category management

Quantitative and qualitative data, segmented by sections and sub-sections commonly found in bookstores, for variety and assortment refinement of products

Purchase intention

Identifying trends and unconformity between queries, purchase intention and conversions, leading to evidence that suggests poor product positioning or inadequate prices

Terminals monitoring

Immediate warning in case of terminal failure to ensure the price query experience is always available to the customer

PriceCheck, how it works

SenseBoard, logo

Price checker unavailability alerts, price queries, conversions, customer's purchase intention and individual product peformance on a single place

SenseBoard, screenshot

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